WWE Star Randy Orton and Wife Samantha Speno Finalize Their Divorce

WWE Star Randy Orton and Wife Samantha Speno Finalize Their Divorce

WWE Star Randy Orton and Wife Samantha Speno

Who is 33, Single, has a Tight Bod and is Loaded? Randy Orton that’s who. Randy’s ex-wife, Samantha Speno, filed for divorce back in March 2013 citing that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The couple has amicably agreed upon a separation of their marital assets as well as how they will handle the custody arrangements of their young child.

Samantha will get sole legal and physical custody of Alanna, but Randy will have visitation rights along with a $4500 bill each month for child support.

Word on the street is that Randy is pulling in a little over $290k a month so we don’t think the $4500 is bugging him at all. We know divorced dads who make a fraction of what Randy makes and they pay only a little less each month. Randy gets to keep the rights to all of his sizeable WWE earnings, as well as one of the couple’s homes in St. Louis, Missouri, several six-figure bank accounts, two luxury cars, a luxury Harley Davidson motorcycle and his gun collection.

Samantha is not walking away empty handed either. Aside from Alanna, she has been granted a bank account worth $654,317, a luxury Infiniti car, a house of her own, and all of her jewelry, including a $99,000 engagement ring.

Now if you have to divorce, this certainly is the way to do it.


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